Eye Of Horus Ingredients Guide

Eye Of Horus is an Australian natural makeup brand who use a combination of natural ingredients and safe synthetics to create a range of eye makeup that is unmatched in its high performance by brands who only use natural ingredients. Because this is a departure from our regular ingredients policy here at Beautiful Because, we have taken the extra time to use the EWG's Skin Deep Database to provide the safety numbers for every ingredient used in the range, whether it's natural or a safe synthetic.

It is a clever marketing tool and a myth that all natural ingredients are safe and that all synthetic ingredients are unsafe

While our focus is still on providing the best in natural product from Australia and around the globe, the care taken by Eye of Horus to create such a safe high performance range that also takes sensitive eyes in to mind made is finally decide to make an exception and take a step slightly outside our regular policy. We are 100% full disclosure and will not hide anything. If you have any questions about whether any of these products are suitable for you, please let us know what your criteria is and we will honestly guide you to the best product in store to suit your needs.

Performance and safety are always top of mind when Eye Of Horus formulate and they will substitute a safe synthetic for a natural ingredient when performance or safety can be improved.

Where did we draw the line?

We are not stocking the full range, but we are close. We made the decision to keep synthetic preservatives in particular away from the mouth where they have a chance of being ingested. We are stocking the Bio Lip Elixir which is 100% natural. We are stocking all shades of the Bio Lipstick which are 98% organic and 100% vegan. We are not stocking Velvet Lips or the Artistry Lip Liner series because they contain the synthetic preservative phenoxyethanol and some other synthetic ingredients. We don't believe they are unsafe, they just don't align with the values that we set for our store.

No Animal Testing

There is a strict NO ANIMAL TESTING policy at Beautiful Because and Eye of Horus are in the process of going through official Cruelty Free Accreditation, but have not yet completed it at the time of writing this post.

Animal Derived Ingredients

All products in the range are vegan except for those that contain beeswax, which is the only animal derived ingredient in the range. Please review the ingredients list on any product in the range to see if it has beeswax.

Palm Oil

There is palmitic acid in the natural mascara products in the range. It is sourced from the Malay Peninsula and is certified by the RSPO. The Malay Peninsula is not rain forest and supports local farmers and does not exploit indigenous communities. The rest of the range is palm oil free.

Gluten Free

The whole range from Eye of Horus is Gluten Free. The Vitamin E (Tocopherol) found in Lash Lift and Brow Fibre Extend for example are extracted from non-GMO Soybean Oil.

Safe Synthetics

The synthetic preservative phenoxyethanol is used in several products in the range and will always be disclosed in the ingredients list. The shelf life of the average natural mascara is 3 months from opening as bacteria can grow and thrive from the lashes to the brush. The inclusion of phenoxyethanol doubles the shelf life to 6 months, dramatically reduces the risk of an eye infection around the end date after opening and is suitable for sensitive eyes. We haven't allowed it as an ingredient that can be potentially swallowed, but in mascara, pencils and brow products in particular, the exposure is minimal. Around a decade ago now, the FDA had a warning about phenoxyethanol. The warning was the inclusion of the ingredient in a mother's nipple cream. The warning was not for the mother, the warning was for the safety of baby who was ingesting it. We believe that FDA warning was valid and has unfortunately been blown out of proportion in safe topical applications for adults. We understand if it's not right for you.

There are times when a synthetic ingredient is safer than the natural extraction and this is true of the Fluorphlogopite used in the eye pencils. You can read about Synthetic Fluorphlogopite at the EWG's Skin Deep site where it shows it has the highest safety rating. In fact, while checking the safety numbers on all the ingredients, the natural mineral colour that creates the colour black was the ingredient that registered the highest at a rating of 3 out of 10 (where 1 is the best and 10 is the worst).

Moringa Oil - the hero natural ingredient in the range

Moringa Oil has some amazing properties for hair health and antioxidant power. It is the worlds most nutritious superfood and is packed with key vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Also known as the oil of the Pharoah's, it's the perfect fit for Eye Of Horus who use Egyptian imagery throughout all their marketing.

The Moringa Oil is also joined by other key botanicals including castor oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, star anise, evening primrose, algae extracts, sunflower seed oil, chamomile extract, cranberry seed oil and arnica which has properties for healing irritation.