Erica Brooke Deodorant Paste and Skin Care Australia

In the world of natural beauty in Australia, we are always excited to work with small boutique brands. While some brands flourish and turn in to major brands stocked in mainstream stores, others shine bright for a short period of time and then leave us. Erica Brooke was one such brand and it was loved by many of our customers.

Erica Brooke Natural Deodorant Paste Swaps

For lovers of the natural deodorant paste, we found an Australian alternative from Woohoo Body. The following are our best swap alternatives for you.

  • Swap Erica Brooke Him & Her for Woohoo Surf or Woohoo Urban
  • Swap Erica Brooke Gentle for Woohoo Mellow
  • Swap Erica Brooke Neroli & Vanilla for Woohoo Urban
  • Swap Erica Brooke Him & Her Double Strength for Woohoo Wild

Shop our full natural deodorant range to find these and other options.

Erica Brooke Natural Skin Care Swaps

If you were using any of the natural skin care products from Erica Brooke, please contact us with the product you were using, your age, skin type and any conditions you need to address and we will give you our recommendations. While the price point is a little higher, most of our recommendations will point to the Mukti Organics range with possibly a couple of exceptions as Mukti doesn't have a cleansing oil, but we have a beautiful one from Black Chicken Remedies and MV Skincare.