Green Beauty Guide

Makeup To Enhance Your Eye Colour

Choosing the right eyeshadow shades for your eye colour can be a revelation! We often need help with mascaras too as we have different preferences with formulas and finishes. Read our eye makeup guide below to find the natural makeup products sure to make your eyes pop!


Daily Rituals: Gymnast Lauren Hannaford

Anyone who thinks they can’t fit exercise into their day needs to meet elite gymnast Lauren Hannaford. The former National Vault Champion is a qualified personal trainer, fitness model and gymnastics coach who has created her own interval style workouts. She tells Beautiful Because what motivates her.


Natural Deodorants That Work
A good natural deodorant will protect you from body odour and keep you fresh all day. Natural deodorants should allow your armpits to breathe while releasing your body’s natural toxins. Here are our favourites.